Older News

December 29, 2005: Deserted railway 1.5 years later

December 26, 2005: Autumn in Paris

December 5, 2005: New pictures of the next generation (autumn set)

June 11, 2005: The second part of the spring set of the next generation pictures

April 24, 2005: A lot of new pictures of the next generation. Addendum to the winter set and the beginning of a spring set

February 15, 2005: New pictures of the next generation

January 1, 2005: Major update of photos: quarterly report on the next generations and winter in Saint-Petersburg

October 9, 2004: Welcome to one of the largest medieval castles in the world and to snowy but noble suburbs of St. Petersburg

September 13, 2004: Welcome to Slovenia

August 14, 2004: Update of the Next Generations Section: new spring photos and summer 2004

June 3, 2004: Welcome to Gdansk

May 1, 2004: New pictures in the Next Generations section, including the First Birthday

April 28, 2004: Warsaw during the European Economic Forum on Photos page

March 07, 2004: New pictures in the Next Generations section

December, 20: On Photos / Family page, pictures of next generations added

December, 18: A new photo on "Seen by Us" page added

December, 18: Three Russian classics on "Digital Poetry" page

December, 13: Unknown Warsaw on Photos page changed (1 photo deleted and 3 added)

November, 17: Unknown Warsaw on Photos page

April 17, 2003: Entertainment page was launched. At this page, you can visit "Seen by Us" and "Digital Poetry"

April 15, 2003: On Photos / Family page the photos from the fifties were added

March 23, 2003: On Photos page family photos were added; some of them are accessible from Family / Andrzej Kozarzewski page

March 16, 2003: Elena & Piotr's Web Site started


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