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Republic of Poland (Polish Polska, or Rzeczpospolita Polska), country lying at the physical centre of the European continent, approximately between latitudes 49 and 55 N and longitudes 14 and 24 E. The total area of Poland is 312,685 square kilometers. Population: 38,191,000. Including us. New photos added!


Three out of four seasons so far.


Once one of the wealthiest republics of the USSR, now Georgia goes through deep economic crisis. But this country is still beautiful...

Slovenia is one of the smallest European countries. As the only part of the former Yugoslavia, it managed not only to avoid the war, but also to keep all its economic potential, now being the wealthiest post-Communist state. And this country is very beautiful too...


Russia. Just to look at.


Needs no introduction. For me, it's quite enough that Aphrodite has been born there...


Graffiti and other manifestations of street art. We are accustomed to the sad fact that most of these paintings, posters etc. are artistically awful and only reflect frustrations of young people who are not able to find their own place in inhuman over-urbanized world. However, some of them are something more than just that...

   Piotr's Family

Notwithstanding the vortex of history, my family managed to keep photographs - maybe the only thing really worth keeping. Now they are fading and I try to preserve them for the next generations of my family. A couple years ago, I started to scan them and retouch. Here are some most interesting photographs from my digital archive as well as the pics of my grandson who now is five years old.


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